APPOINTMENTS: Ms Slide of Hastings

NEW FOR 2019! Half hour sessions available in Hastings for £100! Contact here for more details!

NEW FOR 2020! Confidence training from an experienced Dominatrix on public speaking, sexuality and gender identity, and how to pursue career and relationship goals. More details here!

Ms Slide is a bisexual Hypno-Domme and creative sadist with a fully-equipped dungeon in Hastings, East Sussex. Clients of all genders welcome.

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Tl;dr summary for those who can’t be arsed to read this whole page:

“I’ve been a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix for nearly two decades and thoroughly enjoy what I do. After being based near Gatwick for most of my career, I now have my own fully-equipped dungeon in Hastings, East Sussex, UK.

Sessions depend on how compatible our kinks and attitudes are, but activities I specialise in and enjoy include:

hypnosis, including hypnotic bondage and hypnotic manipulation of emotions and physical sensations;

women and couples;

caning, spanking and corporal punishment;

pain and sensation play;





More thoughts on all the above are listed in detail below, but here are some basics:

Sessions with Ms Slide are, on average, £200* per hour for incalls in Hastings, and occasionally London and Gatwick, but this fee can vary, depending on the service requested. Outcalls are negotiable. You must pay a deposit beforehand. This is not negotiable.

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On very special occasions, Ms Slide can partake in…

DOUBLE-DOMME SESSIONS involving sadism, humiliation, bondage, smoking, strap-on spitroasting and much more, depending on your kinks and ours. These can take place with  Miss Kitty Bliss or Miss Nikki and will be £300 per hour (plus studio hire) near Gatwick or in London SW9, or with Ms Tytania for the same price at her premises close to Canary Wharf, London, E14.

BESPOKE KIDNAPPING by the Femdom Bloc is available if arranged well in advance. More about that here.

WEBCAM SESSIONS are available, via Adultwork or Skype, if you’re unable to meet in person. See here for details.

A substantial discount is offered if you consent to being filmed (or if you are female, because women are delicious). Masks are available for your own anonymity if this is the case, and model release forms will be signed before any images are distributed.

You must be clean and bring two forms of photo ID. Discretion is assured but identification will be required to prove that you are over the age of 18, and for Ms Slide’s own security. If you do turn out to be a crazed axe murderer posing as a submissive client, Ms Slide will inevitably win anyway, but the police/paramedics/coroners do tend to ask for a name and details so photo ID saves a lot of hassle.

For more details, contact

p.s. If you send an email and don’t get a reply, check your spam folder! I’ve also discovered that messages meant for me often get lost in cyberspace too, so if you don’t get a reply, send your email again. I may not actually be ignoring you after all. x

p.p.s. An afterthought from Ms Slide: People often ask what a session with me involves. I find that prescriptive lists of available activities are a bit impersonal. For me, it’s all about compatibility with the client. I do like to learn about and engage with other people’s fetishes, so I’m always open to trying new things. However, so many people have asked me to be more specific that I’ve now compromised by adding a list – a not even remotely exhaustive or particularly detailed list – of things I’ve enjoyed in the past, definitely don’t do during every session, but could be persuaded to do again in the future if you slither up on bended knee and ask very nicely:

Hypnosis. it’s been a hobby and personal fascination since I was sixteen. I’m like that snake from The Jungle Book. Or a less beardy, less magic, Derren Brown. You could be held in hypno-bondage or hypno-chastity, your sense of your own gender could be manipulated and controlled through trance, or else hypnosis could amplify sensations of pleasure or pain to extremes you never thought possible. As always, consent is paramount.

Women/Couples. I am very, very bisexual and love sessions with women, whether I’m dominating her alone, I’m topping alongside her partner, or she and I are double-Domming someone else. Women are every kind of lovely. I give discounted sessions to women because it’s so much fun for me. The amount varies, but there will definitely be a discount. Yes, I know that’s discriminatory, chaps. Tough titty.

Caning/Flogging/Corporal-Punishment. Very hard caning. Normally with evil sticks in a selection of synthetic materials as they sting the most. I also like to hit people with riding crops, floggers, whips, and anything else I’ve got to hand. Including my actual hand.

Talking. Just Talking. Some people just want someone non-judgmental to speak to in confidence about kink, relationships, sexuality or anything else. 

Strap-on and F/m anal play. I have a collection of plugs and dildos and like to stick it to the man on a regular basis. If I’m sessioning alongside another Domme, it’s also fun to sandwich you in the middle of a spitroast while we high-five each other over your arched back.

Ballbusting and cock and ball torture (CBT). It’s great. Don’t worry, I won’t just jump in and kick you in the nads unless you specifically request it, but it makes me very happy when you do. I also torture nipples and other extremities.

Bondage. I don’t know half as much about arty Japanese bondage as I’d like to, but enjoy experimenting with rope, cable-tie, clingfilm mummification, the cage, St Andrew’s Cross, and any other interesting forms of restraint that you or I can think of.

Watersports, especially with a Shenis. If you fancy being simultaneously pissed on and emasculated by an enormous gold cock, this is definitely for you.

Feminisation (or “feminization” if you’re an American or a Google search bot). Whether you end up transformed from an ugly ducking into a beautiful swan or into an ugly duck, I do enjoy giving makeovers if asked in advance.

Chastity, Teasing and Denial. Gloriously frustrating, isn’t it. I have several chastity devices, or you could bring your own, but either way I’ll be delighted to take away the key and keep you out of mischief, whilst teasing you by text message, email or face-to-face whenever I think you need a bit of encouragement.

Forced Bi. I’m of the opinion that everyone is at least a bit bi, especially you, but if you prefer to go through the formalities of being made to suck cock then please do let me know well in advance and I may be able to sort something out.

Trampling and (Clothed) Facesitting. I like to tread on or sit on people. It’s fun.

Foot and Leg Worship. My feet are sensitive, as are the hard little muscles in my legs, so both require a lot of massage and looking after. I’m rough with my shoes, so they occasionally need some care and attention too. 

Blackmail and Financial Play. Consensual, of course, and only by very specific request, but I love the buzz it gives me. I also like getting presents.

Humiliation and Cuckolding. If your personal insecurities and shortcomings excite you, then I’ll be happy to exploit them. After all, I love it when grown men (or women, or anyone in fact) cry.

Interrogation. I’m thrilled by elaborate psychodramas where I get to threaten, gloat, strut about in leather gloves and be generally evil.

As for what I don’t do, most of it comes down to wavelength and compatibility. If a sub approaches me with a list of demands and a stroppy attitude, I won’t even bother to respond. I have no patience with anyone who is looking for a subservient Domme. There’s a market for that, but I’m definitely not it. It probably doesn’t need saying, but I don’t get fucked, suck cock or allow any kind of access to my girly bits. Also, much as I don’t judge anyone whose kink involves vomit or poo, that’s just not my cup of tea either. I’m far too squeamish. Adult babies are generally lovely people as well, but sadly I’ve known far too many childish men and I’m just not the nurturing type.

The list will be updated when I discover or remember anything else. If your kink isn’t here, then do send an email anyway to see if it’s something I’ve forgotten to mention or something I’d like to get involved with.

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